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Red Brick Pavers

Red Bricks are making a resurgence and becoming popular to use for garden paths, edging and pizza oven bases. Get inspired on how you can incorporate these red bricks around your home.

Tumbled Old Red Brick Paver

Tumbled Red Bricks

Tumbled red bricks have rounded edges and a smooth finish. They provide a unique style and look great for pathways.

Rustic Old Red charm

These Rustic Old Red bricks have a distinct blend of reds and whites that give it an old rustic style.

These are one of our most popular products.

Rustic Old Red Brick Paver
Red Clay Pavers - 200 x 100 Pavers

Red Clay pavers

These smooth red clay pavers have a bevelled edge and a uniform look.

They have a rich Heritage red colour.

Old Red Sandstock

Handmade authentic Sandstock bricks that have the look of old red bricks but are new!

It doubles as an old red sandstock Brick and Paver.

Polished Old Red Brick Paver

Polished Old Red pavers

These reclaimed red clay pavers have a polished finish which gives it a smoother feel.

Use for walkways, patios, edging and more.

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