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When it comes to your driveway, before you make your decision, we provide you with 10 top reasons why you should consider choosing pavers over exposed aggregate concrete.

Pavers don’t crack

Unlike poured concrete that doesn’t allow for various soil conditions and highly reactive soil types that are prevalent in Adelaide, pavers won’t crack whereas a concrete driveway may get unsightly cracks.

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Exposed Concrete Pavers | Exposed Aggregate Concrete Paver | Ebony Pebble
Drivestone and Exposed Aggregate Concrete Paver - Ebony

Paving Patterns

You have more options with pavers in terms of colours, shapes as well as paving patterns. You can create some eye catching and elegant patterns in your paving. For ideas on your paving pattern, check out our Paving Pattern brochure here.

Range of exposed aggregate concrete pavers

Exposed aggregate finish can be achieved with our exposed aggregate pavers. We have a range of exposed aggregate pavers such as –

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User friendly

Pavers are much easier to work with, lay, maintain and even repair. You can view our Paver Maintenance brochure here.

Drivestone and Exposed Aggregate Concrete Paver - Ebony
Exposed Aggregate pavers

Great for the DIYer

Pavers can be easier to lay than you think. These days, people are doing more DIY projects around their house, including paving. With many resources available at your fingertips, including our Paving Guide brochure, you could attempt to do your own paving. You can also visit us at APC and the staff can help provide you with the right advice.

Repairable / Can be replaced

Unlike exposed aggregate concrete driveways, a paved driveway can be easily fixed, should a truck reverse into your driveway and crack or chip a paver. A concrete driveway is not easily fixed and requires a lot of work to repair and the finished result will be a patched looking concrete driveway.

Access to underground services

A lot of underground services that are connected to the house may be located under your driveway. If you need to access these services, a paved driveway allows much easier access and you simply remove then relay the pavers. However, an exposed aggregate concrete driveway will need to be dug up and redone.

Drivestone and Exposed Aggregate Concrete Paver - Ebony


Pavers allow for draining as water has the ability to drain through the gaps within the pavers. A concrete driveway being solid, only allows the water to run across the surface.

Value for money

People assume that a poured concrete driveway is cheaper but this isn’t necessarily the case. Make sure you do your research into costs before deciding. Standard brick pavers cost about $29.00 per square metre. Our exposed aggregate driveway pavers start from $49.95 per square metre. Some exposed aggregate poured concrete average around $100 to $150m2 for a decorative stencilled concrete driveway.

Add value to your home

Our exposed aggregate driveway pavers not only look impressive but they also complement a range of other landscape products such as our garden path pavers, garden edging and garden walls and retaining walls.

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