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DIY Resources For Projects Around Your Home

DIY Paver Brochure | Laying The Pavers

These days completing DIY projects around your home is easier than you think, especially with so many resources available at your fingertips!

At Australian Paving Centre, we are here to help you every step of the way.  We don’t just supply you with all your paving, retaining wall, garden walls & edging, pool paving, masonry blocks and stone cladding products but we also have a range of DIY brochures and resources, both instore and on our website.

We have compiled some of our Top DIY resources to help you on your way to completing some of those jobs around your home and if you still have any questions, visit us at APC and our friendly and expert staff can provide you with the right advice.

Everything you need to know about planning your paving

Before getting started, you need to work out how to calculate how many pavers you need as well as materials.

Our Area Calculator and Calculating Materials brochure will help you do just that. You can download it here.

How to prepare your base for paving

Base preparation is key to ensure your project will last! See more about how to prepare your base for paving by watching the video below.

Your complete paving guide

We have a complete paving guide to help step you through everything you need to do.  You can read our DIY Paving Guide here.

Paver maintenance and remedies

Our complete ‘Paver maintenance and remedies’ brochure will help you keep your pavers looking as good as the day you laid them. We provide you with tips to cleaning your pavers, general maintenance, dealing with stain removal and sealing your pavers.

How to cut your pavers

See more about how to cut your pavers by watching the video below.

Installing concrete sleepers

Read our blog on DIY installing concrete sleepers here.

How to build a retaining wall

Our complete step by step guide on building a retaining wall is available to download here as a brochure.

How to install pavers over concrete

We have compiled a blog on DIY installing pavers on top of concrete. Read our complete blog here.

You can also view our range of products that are suitable for installing over concrete here.

How to build a fence on top of a retaining wall

Your DIY guide on building a fence on top of your retaining wall is available in our blog here.

DIY garden walls

You can download our step by step guide on our Textured Easy Lock Block which is a versatile garden wall and retaining wall block, easy to install so perfect for the DIYer.

You can also shop our Textured Easy Lock Block product here –

How to build steps

If you’re building steps in your yard, you can either download our steps installation guide here and you can also learn more by watching our video below.

Veneer stone cladding installation

Veneer stone cladding looks impressive, adds value to your home and you can create stunning features areas not just outside your home, but inside too! You can download our Veneer Stone installation guide here –

And view our range of wall and stone cladding products here –

How to build your own fire pit

Fire pits are becoming a popular space in people’s yards as a great entertaining space. Learn how to build your own fire pit by watching our video below.

Design your backyard with landscape design software

We provide you with a range of different landscape design software to help you visualise the yard you’re after. Read more about these different design software here.

About different types of sealers

It’s important to chose the right sealer for your purposes and paver types. Read more about the different types of sealers here.

And if you’re ready to seal your pavers, you can view our range of Paving Sealers here –

If you’re ready to tackle your own project, you can shop from the comfort of your home and get a quote online.

Visit us at APC to pick up a free sample!

Or, send us a product enquiry or request a quote online