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300 x 300 Sunstone pavers
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Freestone ECO Ebony colour
stone pavers steps

Add value & appeal to your home with Retaining Walls and Steps.

Are you one of the many people looking into building retaining walls to create a new garden bed for soil retention or to reclaim sloping land?

Whether it’s a garden bed or a load bearing wall to retain sloping land, there are certainly a few important things that you should consider to help you do the job once and do the job well!

• Firstly, you’ll need to know information such as the height and size of your required wall. The height of the wall is the most important thing you must consider before building a wall. This is critical because some retaining wall products can go higher than others without reinforcement and engineering. Also, regulations around maximum wall heights vary from council to council. If you’re ever unsure, visit your local APC store to talk to one of our retaining wall experts because it’s really important to get this right for council regulation and safety purposes!

Once we know the purpose of the wall and how high we need it, what’s next?

• Then it is your time to choose the colour and texture you want in your retaining wall.

At APC, we stock Adbri Masonry retaining walls and we’re a trained and Certified Adbri Gold Partner. The Adbri range is great as there’s a variety of different colours, sizes and textures!

There’s a few things you should consider here to help you in making the right decision.

• Is your retaining wall in a prominent area that will be seen by the public? If so, the finished look will be important and therefore it’s best to choose colours and textures that compliment your home.

• Would you like to build steps within the Retaining Wall? Some retaining wall blocks have better systems for building steps than others. Steps made from blocks can transform unusable sloping land in to a real garden feature and maximise your living space.

• The next important consideration is, who will be installing the retaining wall and garden steps? Typically, your two options are DIY retaining walls or to engage a retaining wall contractor. In Adelaide retaining walls are available to inspect in APC’s retaining wall display centres.

• If you want to take the DIY challenge, APC have plenty of DIY retaining wall products. You can also check out all our handy DIY information and videos on the APC website.

• Alternatively, you can have a retaining wall contractor install the retaining wall blocks for you… To take the guesswork out of selecting a qualified and reliable retaining wall installer, we’ve developed the APC Preferred Tradie program. The friendly staff at your local APC store can help you find the right tradie who is licensed, has extensive experience with Adbri retaining wall products to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your project. To register a quote on line, click here.